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Snow Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Snow Day

The students will locate different cities on a map.  (This lesson is to be combined with the Math Lesson.)


  • A link or a printout of Average Snowfalls

  • Pieces of paper with the name of a city/state and the average snowfall written on it for the decided upon month, one piece per student or pair of students.  These  pieces of paper should be in a container from which the students may draw.  Try to pick a variety of cities, representing both large and small average snowfalls.

  • A large map of the United States

  • 3 different colors of small post-it notes or pieces of construction paper.  (White, light blue, and green, for example.)  The size of the paper will depend on the size of the map being used.  For a typical large classroom map, use a piece of paper approximately 1/2" square.  (If the map is on a bulletin board, use color coded push pins, instead of paper.)

  • Tape


  1. As in the Math Lesson, have the students pick a piece of paper containing a city/state and its average snowfall.

  2. Decide as a class what the key for the map will be as far as colors of paper (or push pins) representing the average snowfalls.  For example, cities with an average snowfall of 5" or less = green paper, 5-10" = light blue paper, and 10" or greater = white paper.

  3. Have the students take turns reading the name of their city and the average snowfall.  Work together as a class to locate the cities on the large map. The students will then select the proper color paper and attach it to the map on their city's location. 

  4. Once each student has had a turn, interpret the map.  What parts of the country seem to have the greater average snowfalls?  Which parts have the least?


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Use the following link to look further in to United States' Snowfall Patterns, The Snow Book.

  2. Find the average snowfall for the students' home city.

  3. Find the record snowfall for the students' home city.  What year was it?  Make a time line showing other events in relation to the record snowfall.


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