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Snow Day

Art Lesson
for Snow Day

The students will create snow scenes.


  • Dark colored construction paper, such as black or dark blue.

  • White chalk, paint, colored pencils, or crayons.



  1. Pass out the paper.  Have the students choose which form of medium they would like to use - the chalk, paint, pencils, or crayons.  They may also pick a combination of the mediums.  

  2. Allow the students time to create a snow scene using the medium they have chosen.

  3. As a variation, have the students create a large mural snow scene.  Put up a large piece of dark butcher paper.  Have the students work together to create the scene using the mediums of their choice.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Make snow flakes by cutting out folded white paper.

  2. Have the students create snowmen out of a wide variety of art materials - paper, fabric, buttons, craft sticks, etc.

  3. Make a large "hill of snow" using butcher paper and hang it on the wall.  Have the students craft a figure of themselves sledding or skiing down the hill.  They may use paper, fabric, craft sticks, etc.  Once everyone has completed their figure, attach them to your classroom 'hill of snow".

  4. Have the students use cotton balls to create snowy scenes.



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