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Snow Day

Movement Lesson
for Snow Day

The students will imitate different activities which are normally done in the snow.


  • A large open area allowing for movement.

  • Different types of music - slow, soft music as well as fast paced music.



  1. Brainstorm with the students all the different activities which can be done in the snow - making a snowman, catching snowflakes on your tongue, snowball fights, sledding, skiing, etc.

  2. Play the slow, soft music and have the students act out different "quiet" snow activities, such as catching snowflakes on the tongue or making a snow angel.

  3. Play the fast paced music and have the students act out the "noisier" snow activities, such as sledding, skiing, or having a snowball fight.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. If there is snow on the ground, go outside and play in it!



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