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Snow Day

Math Lesson
for Snow Day

The students will measure different height distances and arrange them in ascending order.
(This lesson is to be combined with the Social Studies Lesson.)


  • Measuring tapes or rulers

  • Pieces of string 

  • A link or printout of the following web site Average Snowfalls



  1. Decide ahead of time which of the cities and which month will be used from the Average Snowfalls link.  Pick as many cities as  appropriate for your class.  There may be one city per student, pair of students, or a few cities for the entire class to do together.

  2. Give each student, or pair of students, a piece of paper with a city and the average snowfall written on it.  Have the students measure a piece of string to that length and tape the name of their city and the inches of snow on to the string.

  3. Convene as a class and work to arrange the strings in ascending order.  Tape the pieces of string to the wall (with the bottom of the string touching the floor) to clearly illustrate the snow averages.

  4. As a further expansion ask questions such as "Which city has the greatest/least average snowfall?", "What is the snowfall for city A and city B combined?", etc.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Graph the students' favorite snowy day activity - sledding, making a snowman, making a snow angel, etc.

  2. Have a lesson on the number six, since snow crystals have 6 sides.



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