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Snow Day

Science Lesson
for Snow Day

The students will draw and label a picture of the water cycle.




  1. Ask the students if they know why it snows.  Write down their responses.

  2. Lead the discussion to the water cycle and read the chosen book or share the information at one of the aforementioned web sites.

  3. Pass out the Water Cycle Worksheet and have the students complete the sheet.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. If it's snowing on this day, go outside and look at snowflakes through magnifying glasses.  This activity works best if the snowflakes are caught on a dark object, such as black construction paper.

  2. Have a temperature lesson, emphasizing the average temperatures for different seasons.  Discuss the proper clothing  for different temperatures as well as the freezing point.  Divide a sheet of paper into 4 squares.  Have the students write the average temperature for each season and draw a picture of themselves wearing the proper clothing.

  3. Have a lesson on animal tracks which can be made in the snow.  Reference the Pig Day Science Lesson for ideas.

  4. Create a water cycle in the classroom using the following link National Wildlife Federation.



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