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Picnic Day

 Social Studies Lesson
for Picnic Day

The students will interview a person about his/her career.


  • A person for the students to interview (this will need to be arranged in advance with the individual)

  • Chart Paper or chalkboard



  1. Have the students brainstorm different jobs within their school building - principal, librarian, cafeteria worker, janitor, music teacher, etc.

  2. Tell the students they will be inviting one (or more, if possible) of these people into their classroom for their picnic.  Tell the students which person will be coming to their classroom (which will have been arranged in advance.)

  3. When the school workers comes to their classroom, they will be allowed to ask the person questions about his/her job.  Therefore, have the students brainstorm a list of questions they would like to know about the individual's job.  Record these questions on the chart paper or chalkboard.

  4. When the individual comes to the classroom for the picnic, have the students ask the questions listed on the board.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students draw a map of a location they would like to have a picnic.  Would this location include playground equipment, a pond, trees, etc.  The map should include all the points of interest.

  2. Have the students choose a famous person (dead or alive) they would like to go on a picnic with.  Research the person on the internet and in books.



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