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Picnic Day

 Art Lesson
for Picnic Day

The students will create a classroom "picnic blanket". 


  • 8" square pieces of construction paper (one per student)

  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

  • Pictures of patchwork quilts.  The following web site may be helpful: CreativeQuilts



  1. Have a discussion about quilts and blankets and how they are often fashioned from individual squares.  Share pictures of quilts from the aforementioned web site, or another source.  

  2. Pass out the squares of construction paper.  have the students each design a square in any way they wish.

  3. Put the pieces together on the wall to form the classroom "picnic blanket".


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students design a placemat to use at the classroom picnic.  Laminate them if possible.

  2. Instruct the students to draw a picture of their "Perfect Picnic" to accompany the writing in the Language Arts Lesson (Other Lesson Ideas #3).

  3. Do the activity at the PBSKids web site.


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