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Picnic Day

 Movement Lesson
for Picnic Day

The students will participate in a variety of games.


  • Balls, Frisbees, Sacks (to use for Potato Sack Races)

  • Wide open space



  1. Discuss with the students how people often play games at picnics.  Brainstorm some different activities people do at picnics.

  2. Place the balls, Frisbees, and Sacks each in a separate area.  Divide the class into 3 groups and have them rotate through the activities. 

  3. Other items may be added where desired.  For example, blowing bubbles or using sidewalk chalk may appeal to some students.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play the Picnic game at the Zoom Web Site.

  2. Have students try to toss balls into open picnic baskets.



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