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Picnic Day

 Science Lesson
for Picnic Day

The students will write a menu for a healthy picnic lunch.




  1. Share information from one of the aforementioned web sites about the Food Guide Pyramid.  Discuss different foods found in the different categories and healthy choices for each.

  2. Discuss what types of foods the students like to eat at a picnic.  Write these on the Chart Paper or Chalkboard.  Discuss where they fall in the pyramid and whether they are healthy choices.

  3. Pass out the My Healthy Picnic Worksheet.  Have the students complete the worksheet individually or as a whole class, depending on ability.  Younger students may draw pictures of their healthy foods.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on ants and their behavior.  Use any of the ant web sites listed on the Picnic Day Home Page.

  2. Have the students follow a recipe and make a food to be eaten at the classroom picnic.  Easy recipes, such as fruit salad, pudding, or muffins works well.



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