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Picnic Day

 Language Arts Lesson
for Picnic Day

After listening to 2 stories, the students will write their own story about a picnic.




  1. Read the chosen books to the students.  At the completion of each book, discuss aspects of the story, such as setting, characters, and plot.  Record the information on to the chart paper or blackboard.

  2. Pass out the My Picnic Story Worksheet or blank paper.  Instruct the students to write their own story about a picnic.  Remind the students to include elements such as who the characters are, where the story takes place and to have a beginning, middle, and end.

  3. If desired, have the students complete a story map before their final draft.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write a menu for a picnic they would like to attend.

  2. Have a phonics lesson on the letter P.

  3. Have the students write a paragraph on what their "Perfect Picnic" would entail.  Who would the guest be?  What type of food would be served?  What would the activities be?  Use the Perfect Picnic Worksheet.

  4. Assign each student a different letter of the alphabet.  Instruct them to think of a food or item starting with their letter that they would bring to a picnic (this may be as silly as they wish).  Work together as a class to write a picnic story including all these foods and items.



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