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Lion Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Lion Day

The students will list the seven continents, identify their home continent and Africa on a world map, and define the African Savanna.




  1. Share information from the chosen book or web site stating where lions live.  The majority of lions live in Africa.  A few are found in India.

  2. Display the world map or globe.  Discuss how the earth is divided into masses called continents.  Point to the seven continents and name them.  Use the following link for individual maps for the students: EnchantedLearning.  If desired, discuss with the children how continents can be further broken down into countries, states, cities, etc.  Have the students locate the continents on their individual maps or on the classroom map.  On which continent do the students live?

  3. Discuss what a savanna is, using one of the aforementioned web sites.

  4. Pass out the Where on Earth do Lions Live? Worksheet and have the students complete it individually, or as a class, depending on ability.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on lion conservation and protecting their habitats.



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