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Lion Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Lion Day

The students will recognize words have different meanings (homonyms), write definitions, and complete a writing about pride.




  1. Write the word "pride" on the chart paper or chalkboard.  

  2. Ask the students what the word "pride" means.  Lead the students to a discussion on the word pride having two definitions.  A pride of lions is a group of lions who live together.  Pride also means to be proud.  For example, the students may take pride in their school, their schoolwork, or their community.

  3. Pass out the Pride Worksheet and have the students complete it individually, or as a class, depending the their ability.

  4. As an extension, brainstorm other homonyms or homophones.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Use the following link to read examples of lions used in literature, The Kingdom of Lions.

  2. Have the students alphabetize different types of big cats - lion, tiger, cheetah, panther, lynx, etc.

  3. Have a lesson on the names animals have for their homes.  Lions live in dens, birds live in nests, etc.



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