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Lion Day

Movement Lesson
for Lion Day

The students will participate in a game of acting like a lion.


  • A wide open space allowing for movement



  1. Brainstorm with the students different activities lions engage in.  For example, sleeping, hunting, roaring, etc.

  2. Have the students spread out in a wide open area.  They should then be instructed to act out a lion's activity which will be called out by the teacher.  When the teacher calls out "hunting", the students should imitate a hunting lion, etc.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play a game similar to "Dog Catcher".  One student will begin by being a lion and the rest will be zebras.  The zebras will begin by lining up on one side of a wide open space.  They will then run to the safety of the other side of the space.  The lion will "hunt" the zebras and capture them by tagging them.  Once a zebra has been tagged he/she will become a lion.  The game will continue until all the students have become lions.



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