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Lion Day

Science Lesson
for Lion Day

The students will compare and contrast a lion and a domestic cat.



  1. Explain to the students they will be listening to information about lions and house cats.  Discuss how  scientists classify living things into different groups.  If desired, use the FactMonster web site for information on classification.  One way scientists group animals is into "families" and one classification is the cat family.  Both lions and domestic (house) cats belong to the cat family.  Therefore, they will have some similarities as well as differences.  

  2. The students should be instructed to tune in and note similarities and differences between lions and domestic cats.  Read the books or share the information about lions and cats from the web sites. 

  3. Once the information has been shared, compile a list or create a venn diagram on the chalkboard comparing lions and cats.

  4. Pass out the Domestic Cat and Lion Worksheet or the Domestic Cat and Lions Worksheet (for younger students).  Have the students complete the worksheet individually or as a class, depending on the ability.  Young children may simply draw pictures or write one word responses on the more open-ended worksheet.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Compare and contrast lions and lambs.  Relate this to the weather and why certain days are called lamb days and certain days are lion days.

  2. Have a lesson on the food chain, using the lion as an example of a carnivore.  Use one of the following web sites for assistance: Fundamentals of Physical Geography or The Magic School Bus.

  3. Classify animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

  4. Have each student write one fact he/she has learned about the lion.  Compile these facts into a lion fact book.



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