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Lion Day

Math Lesson
for Lion Day

The students will put numbers in ascending order.




  1. Divide the class into 11 pairs/groups.  Give each group a strip of paper from the How Fast Animals Run Worksheet.  Explain the the students that their strip contains the name of an animal and its speed in miles/hour.

  2. Have the class work together to organize their strips from slowest to fastest animal.  Adhere the strips to the chalkboard or a piece of chart paper.

  3. Pass out the How Fast Animals Run Worksheet (for students) and have the students record the list onto their own paper.

  4. Ask the students questions such as, "Which animal's speed has a 5 in the ones place?"  "How many animals have a 4 in the tens place?"  "Which animal runs 10 miles per hour faster than an antelope?"

  5. As a further extension, have the students represent the animals speeds using place value boards and bars.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students create a bar graph similar to the one at the following link; World Almanac for Kids (scroll down to the section "How Fast Do Animal Run?")

  2. Have a lesson on multiples of 4, using lions' paws as a starting point.  For example, "How many paws are there on 3 lions?"

  3. Male lions can measure 10 feet from nose to the tip of their tail.  Have the students measure this length out.  How many lions could stand nose to tail in your classroom?



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