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Sun Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Sun Day

The students will identify the North Pole and the arctic circle on a globe.  They will also list countries affected by the "Midnight Sun".




  1. Ask the students to identify the north pole on the globe. Discuss the tilt of the earth and how it spins on its axis.  Also point out the area around the north pole as the arctic circle.  Use the Athropolis web site for assistance.   Find the arctic circle on the classroom globe.

  2. Share information from Athropolis about the "Midnight Sun".  Using a lamp or flashlight and the globe, illustrate what happens in the various months to the areas near the north pole.

  3. Using the Athropolis (Guide to Arctic Sunrise and Sunset) link, discuss the months the north pole is in darkness and the months of the "Midnight Sun".  Also, point out areas in the arctic circle affected by the tilt of the earth and thus the extended daylight or darkness.  Which of these areas, if any, are in the students' country?  Find them on the globe.  

  4. If appropriate, pass out the "Midnight Sun" worksheet and have the students complete it individually or as a class, depending on ability.


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