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Sun Day

Science Lesson
for Sun Day

The students will write facts about the sun and complete a drawing depicting the cause of day and night.  


  • A link to a web site about the sun (see the Sun Day Home Page for suggestions)

  • A nonfiction book about the sun (see the Sun Day Home Page for suggestions)

  • Large piece of butcher paper cut in the shape of a sun

  • Sun Fact Worksheet

  • Flashlight

  • A ball - basketball, playground ball, or beach ball will work



  1. Share information from the chosen web site or book about the sun.

  2. Ask the students to list facts about the sun and write them on the butcher paper.

  3. Using the flashlight and the ball, illustrate for the students how the rotation of the earth causes there to be night and day.  Darken the room as much as possible.  Explain to the students that the flashlight is similar to the sun.  Use it to shine on the ball.  Slowly spin the ball, similar to the rotation of the earth.  Explain how the side of the ball (earth) facing the flashlight (sun) is experiencing daytime.  The side of the ball (earth) facing away from the light is experiencing nighttime.  

  4. Pass out the Sun Facts Worksheet and have the students complete it for reinforcement.  


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on what causes the change in seasons.

  2. Have a lesson on shadows.  Go outside and create shadows on the playground.  What are some objects that are transparent, translucent, etc.?

  3. Have a lesson on a solar eclipse.  Use one of the following web sites for assistance - Kidseclipse or Astronomy for Kids.



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