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Sun Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Sun Day

The students will define, identify, and list nouns, adjectives, and verbs.




  1. Define for the students noun, adjective, and verb.  Use information from the web site for assistance.

  2. Begin by discussing nouns as people, places or things.  Have the students brainstorm a list of nouns and record these on the chart paper or chalkboard.  List sun as the first noun.

  3. Next discuss adjectives.  One way adjectives may be used is to describe nouns.  Brainstorm a list of adjectives and record these as well.  A good starting point is to have the students think of words which describe the sun - yellow, bright, hot, etc.

  4. Finally, discuss verbs as "action words".  Brainstorm a list of verbs, starting with shines as a verb associated with sun.

  5. Pass out the Parts of Speech Worksheet and have the students complete this individually, or as a class, depending on the grade level.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write a paragraph about what they like to do on a sunny day.

  2. Have a phonics lesson on the short u sound.

  3. Have a lesson on antonyms using sun and moon as a starting point.

  4. Research different legends which include the sun as a component.



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