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Sun Day

Art Lesson
for Sun Day

The students will create a picture using a crayon resist.


  • White Paper

  • Crayons

  • Blue Water Color Paint



  1. Instruct the students to draw a picture of a sunny day scene using the crayons.  They will want to include the sun as a part of the drawing.  Tell the students to press hard with the crayons and fill in the objects as much as possible.

  2. Once the crayon portion is done, have the students use blue water color paint to wash over their drawings.  This will create a blue sky effect over the entire picture.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students paint suns using all the colors associated with the sun - red, orange, yellow, etc.  The suns may be cut out and suspended from the classroom ceiling.

  2. Have the students paint or color a sunrise or sunset scene.  Observe pictures and discuss the colors seen in the sky during these times of day.  Use the following link for photographs of sunrises and sunsets Dramatic Light.

  3. Make sun catchers using cellophane paper and cardboard.



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