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Scarecrow Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Scarecrow Day

The students will participate in the voting process.
(This lesson is to be done in conjunction with the Math Lesson.)




  1. Once the classroom scarecrow has been completed, discuss the fact that a name for the scarecrow would be appropriate at this point.  Ask the students how a name could be decided upon.  Lead to a discussion on voting and the importance of voting in a democracy.

  2. Share information from  The PBS Kids Democracy Project.  Discuss the voting process and how it will take place in the classroom.

  3. Have the students volunteer name choices for the classroom scarecrow.  Stop once a manageable number of names have been given, 5-7 names would be appropriate.  

  4. Record the names at the tops of columns written on the chart paper or chalkboard.

  5. Proceed to the Math Lesson for tallying the votes and creating a graph of the results.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on the profession of farming and everything that is involved.  Use the following link as a resource The Farm.

  2. Dress the classroom scarecrow in different items from around the world.  For example, a Mexican hat or some German wooden shoes.  Locate these countries on a world map and discuss how dress may vary from place to place.



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