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Scarecrow Day

Science Lesson
for Scarecrow Day

The students will identify different farm crops and how they are produced.


  •  A variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains (or pictures of these items).  Examples would be tomatoes, corn, potatoes, wheat stalk, etc.

  • A variety of end products from the fruits, vegetables and grains.  Examples would be ketchup, pasta sauce, bread, crackers, jam, etc.

  • Chart Paper

  • From Farm to Table Worksheet



  1. Discuss how if the scarecrows "do their job" and the seeds and small plants are not eaten, the crops are allowed to grow.  Discuss farming and have the students brainstorm crops which are grown on farms.  Record their responses on chart paper or the blackboard.

  2. Pull out the variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains which have been compiled (or pictures of these.)  Write any on the list that have not already been posted.

  3. Pull out the end products and display these for the students to view.  As a class, work to match the fruits, vegetables and grains to their end products.

  4. Pass out the From Farm to Table Worksheet.  Depending on the age of the students, have them complete it individually or as a class for reinforcement.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Using a link to Wheat: From the Farm to You, have a lesson on how wheat is harvested and how it comes to the table.  Also discuss how once the wheat has been harvested for seed, the stalk left behind is "straw".  Straw is commonly used for making scarecrows.

  2. Have a lesson on foods that grow above ground and foods that grow below ground.

  3. Use the following link Kids' Guide to Food Farming to have a lesson on different ways of farming. 



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