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Scarecrow Day

Movement Lesson
for Scarecrow Day

The students will participate in a movement game.


  • A wide, open space, allowing for movement



  1. Select one student to be "the scarecrow".  The rest of the class will be "the crows".

  2. "The crows" should stand on one side of a large gymnasium or playground.  The object for the crows is to run to the other side of the area without being tagged by "the scarecrow".  The teacher or the scarecrow may give a signal for when the crows should begin running.

  3. Once "crows" are tagged, they will become "scarecrows" and do the tagging.  Once the entire class becomes "scarecrows", the game may be played again.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students imitate how they believe a scarecrow would move since they lack the firm bones of humans.  The students may flop around and imitate falling down, etc.

  2. Play a game where students may pretend to be birds eating seed in a field.  When a small scarecrow is held up by the teacher, the students will imitate birds in flight.  This game may be set to music.


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