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Scarecrow Day

Math Lesson
for Scarecrow Day

The students will utilize tally marks to conduct a classroom vote.
The students will create and interpret a graph of the voting results.
(This lesson is to be combined with the Social Studies Lesson.  Conduct the Social Studies portion before proceeding to the following math lesson.)




  1. Conduct the first part of the lesson given on the Social Studies page.

  2. As stated in the Social Studies Lesson, the students will be voting on a name for their scarecrow.  Create a chart with the same number of columns as there are choices of names.  For example, if the students are voting on the names Jack, Sam, and Ned, there will be three columns.

  3. Once the ballots have been placed in the ballot box, work as a class to read the votes and place tally marks in the correct columns.

  4. After the students have counted all the votes, the winning name will be determined by adding up the tally marks.  

  5. Using butcher paper, create a graph which illustrates the results of the name poll.

  6. Ask questions of the students for interpreting the graph.  For example, "How many more students voted for the name Jack than Sam?", etc.

  7. Pass out the Scarecrow Name Vote Worksheet and have the students complete this sheet for reinforcement.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Measure different parts of your classroom scarecrow.  How long is his leg, his arm, etc.?

  2. Conduct a lesson in subtraction by having the students figure equations for how many birds are remaining if a certain number are scared away?  For example,  6 scarecrows were sitting in a field, 3 were frightened by a scarecrow, how many were left?



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