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Polar Bear Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Polar Bear Day

The students will explore maps and globes to determine where Polar Bears live.


  • A link to Polar Bears (Click on Habitat and Destinations), or a book which has a map of Polar Bear habitats.
  • World Maps or Globes



  1. Read the book or the information from the web site giving information on where Polar Bears live.
  2. If there are enough maps/globes, pass them out and work as a class to find the areas where Polar Bears live.  Have the students locate their home town and where it is in relation to Arctic Regions.
  3. For younger children, simply discussing how the Arctic is at the top of the earth and the Antarctic is at the bottom of the earth is sufficient.  Point out that Polar Bears live in Arctic Regions.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Using Styrofoam balls as the "earth", have each student label the Arctic area and the Antarctic area.



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