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Polar Bear Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Polar Bear Day

The students will write a collaborative story about an adventure with a polar bear.


  • "The Bear" by Raymond Briggs, if available.
  • Paper and pencils or Chart Paper



  1. Read the book, "The Bear", by Raymond Briggs.  If the book is not available, have a short brainstorming session on different fantasy adventures one could have with a polar bear.
  2. Have the entire class sit in a circle (older students may be divided into groups of 4-5).
  3. Have each student contribute a sentence or two about an adventure with a polar bear.
  4. Record the story on chart paper as the students dictate their sentences.  Older students may select a "secretary" for their group to record the sentences.  These smaller groups may also contribute more than a sentence or two.
  5. Proceed with the process of editing and publishing this class (or small group) book.  The students may illustrate the pages they authored.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write factual reports on Polar Bears.
  2. Have a lesson on the letter 'P'.
  3. Complete a Venn Diagram comparing a Polar Bear to another kind of bear.


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