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Polar Bear Day

Math Lesson
for Polar Bear Day

The students will measure distances using 12" units.




  1. Enlarge the Polar Bear Track on a copy machine so it measures 12".  It would be best to use the track on the left side of the paper for enlargement.  Make enough copies so each pair of students may have a track.
  2. Pass out the Polar Bear Tracks, rulers,  and the Measuring Sheets to each pair of students.
  3. Explain that the average adult polar bear track can be this size.  Have the students measure the track to see how long it is.
  4. Using the tracks, have the students work in pairs to complete the worksheet.  (Younger students may need to work as a whole class with the teacher as the lead to complete measurements of some classroom items.)  Be sure to discuss measurement words such as length, width, height, etc.

Other Lesson Ideas

  • Do a lesson on weight.  Find out how much an average adult Polar Bear weighs and see how many average students would equal that weight.


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