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Polar Bear Day

Art Lesson
for Polar Bear Day

The students will create a polar bear using their choice of medium.


  • Dark colored construction paper for the background
  • White Paint, Sponges, Chalk, Cotton Balls, White Construction Paper, White Felt, etc.



  1. Allow the students to choose from what type of medium they would like to create their Polar Bear.  Some examples would be, sponge painting with white paint, gluing cotton balls to create a polar bear, tearing white construction paper (for a torn paper look), cutting out felt.
  2. Once the creations are complete, discuss how different mediums created different looks.  Display the work in your "Polar Bear Museum".

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Make a whole class mural of an Arctic Habitat, including snow, ice floes, tundra, different Arctic Animals, etc.
  2. Have the students create "Bear Dens" out of shoe boxes.  Create a Polar Bear mom and cubs to inhabit the den.


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