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Pizza Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Pizza Day

The students will identify Italy as one of the origins of pizza



  1. Share the information of the history of pizza from one of the web sites or from the book.  Discuss the country of Italy and locate it on the map or globe.  The level of the discussion will depend on the age of the students.

  2. Extend the lesson to a discussion on different countries and their foods.  

  3. Brainstorm as a class some other favorite foods which have a heritage with certain countries.  Some examples would be; tacos from Mexico and egg rolls from China.  Locate these countries on the map or globe. 


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Many pizza toppings are grown on farms.  Have a lesson on agriculture.  Use the following site for assistance 4-H Virtual Farm.

  2. Have the students deliver pretend pizzas to different parts of the school.  They will need to follow a map or write directions for going to places such as the principal's office, the library, etc.



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