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Pizza Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Pizza Day

The students will write sentences to answer a series of questions.




  1. Read the story to spark the students' interest in pizza and pizza toppings.

  2. Pass out the May I Take Your Order? Worksheet.

  3. Put the students in pairs and have them ask one another the questions.  They should record their partner's answers.  Allow the students to be as creative and silly as they wish.

  4. If appropriate, have the students use the worksheets to write complete sentences describing the type of pizza their partner has ordered.  They should write these sentences on a separate sheet of paper, concentrating on starting each sentence with a capital letter, finishing with a period, etc.

  5. Younger students may need to be guided more through the worksheet and be allowed to draw pictures and attempt to label them with words.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Ask the students to respond to the following statements: "Write a color word that starts with the letter 'P'."  "Write an animal that starts with the letter 'P'."  "Write a food that starts with the letter 'P'."  Then have the students fill their responses in to the following sentence: The __________ _____________ likes __________ pizza.  An example of a completed sentence might be "The pink panda likes peanut pizza."  Have the students illustrate their sentence.

  2. Write pizza recipes.

  3. Write the steps for dialing the phone and ordering a pizza.

  4. Put the students in groups and have them write commercials or ads for pizza.  They may think up a name and a slogan for their pizza.  Combine it with the art lesson and have the groups decorate a large piece of cardboard to be their pizza box top.

  5. Read some pizza books and have the students vote on their favorite one.  Remember to have them give reasons for why a certain book was their favorite.

  6. Read Pete's a Pizza by William Steig.  Have the students make up a similar story using their own name.  For example, Sam's a sandwich, Mary's a muffin, etc.  



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