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Pizza Day

Math Lesson
for Pizza Day

The students will combine fractions to make a whole.


  • 5 large circles (about 12" in diameter).  These will be "pizzas".  Cut the circles into the following fractions (which will pose as "slices" of pizza):
    -Circle #1 - cut in half
    -Circle #2 - cut in thirds
    -Circle #3 - cut in fourths
    -Circle #4 - cut in sixths
    -Circle #5 - cut in eighths
    Make sure the "slices" of each circle are even.  This will make 23 "slices" of pizza.  If there are more than 23 students in the class, adjust the fractions so each student will have one slice of pizza.  For example, do two or more circles cut in half.

  • Pizza Math Worksheet



  1. Mix up all the "slices" of pizza which have been cut out ahead of time.  Pass out the slices so each student has at least one slice of pizza.

  2. Direct the students to move about the room and find other students with the exact same size slice of pizza as theirs.  They should then all gather together with their similar size slices to put together and make a whole "pizza".

  3. Allow the students time to find the other students in their group.

  4. Once these groups have gathered together, pose a series of questions.  For example, "How many people are in your group to make up a whole pizza?"  "Which group has the biggest pieces of pizza?"  Which group has the smallest pieces?"   The students may complete the Pizza Math Worksheet at the same time.

  5. Introduce and/or review the terms one half, one third, one fourth, etc.  If appropriate, illustrate writing fractions.

  6. As an extension, have older students combine groups together and lay their slices on top of each other.  They may then discover relationships between fractions, such as 1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Give each student a circle piece of paper and manipulatives to pose as pizza toppings.  For example, unifix cubes for green pepper, beans for mushrooms, pennies for pepperoni, etc.  The students may then write math equations to coincide with the pizzas they create.

  2. Graph the students' favorite toppings.

  3. Assign slices of pizza a price and have the students complete money equations.



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