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Pizza Day

Movement Lesson
for Pizza Day

The students will imitate kneading and tossing pizza dough.


  • Play dough - either store bought or homemade.  Have enough so each student receives a good size piece.  Here is a link which contains a recipe for homemade play dough - http://www.texasbob.com/krecipe3.html.


  1. Discuss what it means to knead dough.  Demonstrate for the students kneading and tossing the dough.

  2. Pass out the play dough and allow the students time to knead and toss their own dough.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Extend the above lesson by having the students get into pairs and toss their pizza dough back and forth between one another.  Similar to a balloon toss, have the students stand close together and slowly back apart from one another to see how far they can go before dropping the dough.

  2. Have the students have a pizza delivery relay race.  The teams will have to carry a cardboard box and hand it off to one another in order to complete the race.

  3. Read Pete's a Pizza by William Steig.  Pair the students up and have them make each other into pizza similar to the book.  


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