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Pancake Day

Science Lesson
for Pancake Day 

The students will identify different foods which come from trees, emphasizing maple syrup.




  1. Ask the students to brainstorm different foods which come from trees.  Record their responses on the chart paper or blackboard.

  2. If maple syrup is not one of the given responses, lead to a discussion on maple syrup.

  3. Present the information on how maple syrup is produced with the help of one of the above web sites or a book.  Include information on tree sap and the different parts of a tree.  Use the following link for background help on tree sap; Discovery School - Sap (most appropriate for teacher preparation.)

  4. Pass out the Foods from Trees Worksheet for reinforcement.  Younger students may draw pictures of foods which come from trees.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Make pancakes in the classroom!  Focus on following a recipe and measuring the amounts correctly.

  2. Have a lesson on solids, liquids, and gases.  Relate different aspects of pancakes to these states of matter.  For example, milk (an ingredient of pancakes) is a liquid, pancakes are solids, and the process of making maple syrup involves the boiling off of water (example of gas).



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