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Pancake Day

Movement Lesson
for Pancake Day

The students will participate in a pancake flipping game.


  • "Pancakes" made from thick cardboard or craft foam, about 4" in diameter (1 per 5 students)

  • Spatulas (1 per 5 students)

  • A wide open space allowing for a relay race



  1. Divide the class in to teams of 5 students.  Set them up in a relay race format, using markers (such as cones or chairs) at the opposite end of the space for them to round before coming back to the starting place.

  2. The first person in each team should be given a spatula and a pancake.  They should begin by flipping the pancake out in front of them as far as they can.  They then run up to the pancake, place it back on the spatula and continue flipping and chasing it around the marker and back to the next person.  This game may be set up as a competition or not, depending on teacher preference.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As a variation on the above game, have students take turns trying to flip imitation pancakes into a frying pan.  They may begin by standing right in front of the frying pan (to be placed on the floor or a low table).  With each successful land in the frying pan, the students may take a step back to get farther and farther away from the pan.



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