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Pancake Day

Math Lesson
for Pancake Day

The students will compile sets of numbers and count them to figure answers to addition problems.


  • 5 paper circles per student , or pair of students. (To represent pancakes - Worksheet Available.)

  • Containers of small manipulatives, such as beans, to pose as blueberries, chocolate chips, etc.  (These will be placed on the "pancakes".)

  • Pancake Addition Worksheet (most appropriate for older students.)



  1. Give each student, or pair of students, their 5 "pancakes" and a container of manipulatives.  They may cut their pancakes out or leave them intact on the worksheet.

  2. Work as a class to solve problems such as "I have 3 pancakes and they each have 2 blueberries on them.  How many blueberries are there altogether?"  The difficulty of the problems will depend on the age of the students.

  3. Allow time for older students to create their own problems on the Pancake Addition Worksheet.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Conduct a lesson in diameter by having students measure different size pancakes.

  2. Measure distances by having students see how far they can flip a pancake.  Cut the "pancakes" from heavy cardboard or craft foam.  Have the students flip the pancakes across an open area in the classroom or outside.  Use a spatula or have them flip it directly from a pan.

  3. Do any type of addition in which stacks of pancakes are involved.  A stack of 3 pancakes plus a stack of 2 pancakes, equals how many pancakes altogether?  Or figure out how many pancakes would be needed for everyone in the class to have 2, 3, or more.


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