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Pancake Day

Art Lesson
for Pancake Day

The students will create a stack of pancakes using various art supplies.


  • Paper plates

  • Tan construction paper

  • Glue

  • Brown Paint

  • Small paper cups or containers - 1 per student, or pair of students.  (The glue and brown paint will be mixed in the containers to create "syrup".)



  1. Have the students cut circles out of the tan construction paper to serve as "pancakes" and glue them onto their paper plates.

  2. Depending on the age of the students, they may mix their own brown paint and glue in a small container or have this done ahead of time.  

  3. The students should pour the glue and paint mixture over their "pancakes" to create the "syrup".


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Design spatulas to be used for flipping pancakes.  Offer a wide variety of materials, so the students may be as creative as possible.

  2. Have the students create pictures of pancakes to accompany the Language Arts Lesson.



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