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Mitten Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Mitten Day

The students will locate the state of Michigan on a map of the United States and list three facts they have learned about the state.




  1. Show a map of the United States.  Discuss how the country is made up of separate states.  Ask the students to locate the state that looks like a mitten.

  2. Introduce (or review) Michigan as one of the northern states known as the "great lake state".  Discuss the lakes which surround Michigan.

  3. Locate the students own state (or country) and ask the students how they would travel to Michigan.

  4. Read M is for Mitten: A Michigan Alphabet by Annie Appleford, or share information about Michigan from EnchantedLearning.

  5. Pass out the A Mitten on the Map! Worksheet and have the students complete it individually or as a group, depending on their age.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. After reading a version of The Mitten, have a lesson on Ukraine.  Use the following link for information: Ukraine.Org.

  2. Read The Mitten by Jan Brett.  Have a lesson on different names people call their grandmothers.  Locate different countries on a map and use FreeTranslation for assistance.



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