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Mitten Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Mitten Day

The students will compare and contrast two versions of the same story.




  1. Introduce or review the term "folktale".  Point out that The Mitten folktale is Ukrainian in origin.  Use the link to MapZone in order to locate Ukraine.

  2. Read the two versions of the mitten.  Tell the students ahead of time that they will be looking for similarities and differences between the stories.

  3. Make a large venn diagram on the chalkboard or on chart paper.

  4. Pass out The Venn Diagram Worksheet.  Work as a class to complete the venn diagram.  


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a phonics lesson on the m- sound.

  2. Read Steven Kellogg's The Missing Mitten Mystery.  Have the students write their own version of a missing mitten mystery.

  3. Have the students act out The Mitten.  Assign parts and use a sleeping bag or blanket for "the mitten".



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