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Mitten Day

Movement Lesson
for Mitten Day

The students will participate in a game to find matching pairs of mitten.


  • Pairs of mittens (enough so each student has one mitten).  Each mitten should only have one match.

  • A large open space allowing for movement

  • A clock with a second hand or a stop watch



  1. Gather all the pairs of mittens together.  Stand in the center of the room and throw the mitten up in the air, scattering them about.  Instruct the students to pick up a mitten as quickly as they can.  They should then find the person who has a match for their own mitten and sit down as a pair as soon as they have found each other.

  2. Time the students on how long it takes them to all find their match and get into a sitting position.

  3. Challenge the students to beat their time and complete the task faster each time.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students try and complete simple tasks while wearing mittens, such as writing their names, zipping their coats, or tying their shoes.

  2. Have the students put on a pair of mittens and imitate the act of forming and throwing snowballs.

  3. Use any of the music at the following link: CanTeach.



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