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Mitten Day

Science Lesson
for Mitten Day

The students will identify air temperatures in different parts of the world and identify appropriate clothing for the varying climates.




  1. Discuss air temperature and the instrument used to measure air temperature.  Take the thermometer and the students outside to read the current air temperature.  Ask them the appropriate clothing to wear in the current weather.  Are mittens needed?  What do they think is a good range of temperatures for wearing mittens?

  2. Return to the classroom and discuss why people like to know the temperature on any given day.  (Answers may be:  To know what to wear.  Whether it's warm enough to swim.  Is it cold enough to snow?, etc.)

  3. Pass out the What's the Temperature? Worksheet.  Discuss the beginning part of the worksheet and have the students draw or write appropriate clothing for the different temperatures.

  4. Gather around a computer screen or share the newspaper weather page.  Look up different cities and the temperature on that particular day.  Point out on a map where that particular city is located.  Is it on the Northern or Southern part of the map?  (This part of the lesson may be tied in with a Social Studies lesson on map reading and the equator.)

  5. Have the students complete the rest of the worksheet.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. After reading any version of The Mitten have the students research some of the animals in the folktale.

  2. Take the air temperature outside.  Take the temperature inside a mitten.  Is there a difference between the two?



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