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Mail Day

Science Lesson
for Mail Day

The students will order the steps in the paper making process.




  1. Discuss how mail consists mainly of paper - the paper we write on, the envelopes, the boxes, etc.

  2. Where does all the paper come from?  Answer: Trees or recycled paper.  

  3. Share information from one of the web sites on how paper is made.

  4. Pass out the How Paper is made Worksheet and have the students complete it individually or as a whole class, depending on ability.  The answers are as follows: 1. The wood from trees is broken into small pieces called pulp.  2. The pulp is washed.  3.  The pulp is beaten.  4.  The pulp is mixed with water to form a slurry.  5.  The slurry is poured onto screens.  6.  The slurry is dried to form paper.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Take the above lesson one step further and make paper in the classroom.  Use this as stationery for writing a letter.  

  2. Have a lesson on where ink for pens and lead for pencils originates.



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