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Mail Day

Art Lesson
for Mail Day

The student will design and decorate a mailbox.


  • Shoeboxes (one per student) (If shoeboxes are not available, create mail pouches from stapled construction paper.)

  • Paint, marker, crayons, colored pencils

  • Construction paper

  • Glue

  • Scissors



  1. Have the students create personal mailboxes from the shoeboxes or pouches.  Allow them to be as creative as they wish.  They should be sure to make up an "address" to be printed on their box.  

  2. The mailboxes or pouches should be placed on their desks so they may receive mail during the Language Arts Lesson.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Share a variety of stamps with the students.  Instruct the students to create their own stamp design.  This may be done as an enlarged version on construction paper.

  2. In combination with a science lesson, have the student make their own paper.  The following link is helpful - InfoStuff.



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