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Mail Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Mail Day

The students will write a letter.


  • The Mailboxes made in the Art Lesson

  • Paper

  • Writing Utensils

  • Envelopes

  • Chart Paper or chalkboard

  • Small slips of paper for the students to write their name and "address" on from their mailbox.  These slips will be placed in a container for the students to draw from. 



  1. Have each student write his/her name and "address" from their classroom mailbox on a small slip of paper.  Place the papers in a container.

  2. Discuss the different parts of a letter.  Write a sample letter on the chart paper or chalkboard.   Discuss the parts of a letter - the date, the salutation, the body, and the complimentary closing.

  3. Pass around the container with the students' names on slips of paper.  Have each student pick one name.  This is will be the recipient of their letter.

  4. Instruct the students to write a letter to the person on their slip of paper.  In their letters they should include clues about who they are.  For example, "I am a boy.  I have brown hair and I like to play soccer at recess, etc."  Younger students may simply draw a picture of him/herself, giving clues by what they are doing, wearing, etc.  When the students sign their names, they should simply put "Your Secret Pen Pal".  Be sure to have the students include the different parts of a letter.  Finally, they should place their letters in the envelopes and write the name and "address" of the recipient.  The "address" may be copied from their slip of paper.

  5. Once the letters are written, have the students step out into the hallway.  Each student may then "deliver" his/her letter one at a time into the proper mailbox.

  6. When all the letters have been "delivered", the entire class may enter the room and read their letters.  The students should then share their letters with the class and guess who their "secret Pen Pal" is!


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write a letter to a family member.  If possible, take a walk to a nearby mailbox and mail them.

  2. Have the students write a letter to a storybook character.  What are questions or advice they would have for that character?



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