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Mail Day

Math Lesson
for Mail Day

The students will add 5 addends together.




  1. Use the aforementioned web site to find a variety of zip codes.  The students may wish to look up zip codes for particular areas.

  2. Write 10 zip codes on the chalkboard.  

  3. Pass out the Zip Code Math Worksheet and have the students add the numbers for each zip code together to get a sum.  They may use the manipulatives if needed.  For example, 45069 is 4+5+0+6+9=24. (Younger students may take each zip code and put the numbers in numerical order from smallest to largest.  Therefore, 45069  would be 04569.)


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson in counting money to purchase stamps and/or mail different size boxes.  Older students may make change for the purchases.  For younger students, make the stamps and packages cost multiples of 5's or 10's.

  2. Have the students add numbers in their home address.

  3. Have a lesson on postage stamps and their increase in price over the years.  Use the following link for assistance - American Philatelic Society.


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