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Lamb Day

Science Lesson
for Lamb Day

The students will list female, male, and baby names of various animals.



  1. Cut up the Animal Names Printout so three words are on each strip of paper (male name, female name, and baby name.)  Place the strips in a container.

  2. Draw a chart on chart paper or the chalkboard similar to the Animal Names Printout.  Write the animal names in the first column.  Leave the Male, Female, and Baby columns blank.  These will be filled in while working together as a class.

  3. Have each student or pair of students draw out a piece of paper.

  4. One at a time, the students should read (or have the teacher read) their paper and the class may work together to see if any of the students know in which column the animal names belong.  If the answer is not known, the teacher may provide it.  Record the correct answers in the proper columns on the chart paper or chalkboard.

  5. Pass out the Animal Names Worksheet and have the students complete it for reinforcement.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Compare and contrast lions and lambs.  Relate this to the weather and why certain days are called lamb days and certain days are lion days.

  2. The sound a sheep makes is called a bleat.  Have the students brainstorm different animal sounds.  Make as long a list as possible.

  3. Baby sheep are called lambs.  What are other animal babies called?  Brainstorm this list.

  4. Have a lesson on the products that are made from sheep - milk, cheese, meat, wool.

  5. Have a lesson on how fleece is made into wool.  The following sites may be helpful: Australian Wool Innovation, SalemHistory, or Custom Woolen Mills.



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