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Lamb Day

Art Lesson
for Lamb Day

The students will create lambs using a variety of art materials.


  • Pictures of lambs and sheep from a web site or nonfiction book.

  • Construction paper

  • Glue

  • Cotton Balls

  • Paint, crayons, markers, etc.



  1. Share pictures of lambs and sheep with the students.  Discuss the coloring and marking of the animals.

  2. Instruct the students to create their own lamb using any of the given art materials.  Cotton balls may be glued on for the fleece and markers or paint used for the faces.

  3. Display the finished lambs and sheep and entitle it: "Our Flock of Sheep".


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Read the book Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep: A Yarn About Wool by Teri Sloat.  Have the students design sweaters for sheep to wear once they have been sheared.  These sweaters can be constructed from paper, fabric scraps, etc. 



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