Animal Names

Cut the male, female, and baby names into individual strips to pass out to the students.  There should be three words per strip of paper.  Discard the actual animal names in the left-hand column.

Name                  Male                    Female                 Baby

Bear                    Boar                     Sow                     Cub

Cat                      Tom                     Queen                 Kitten

Cattle                  Bull                      Cow                     Calf

Chicken                Rooster                Hen                     Chick

Deer                    Buck                     Doe                     Fawn

Duck                    Drake                   Duck                   Duckling

Goose                   Gander                 Goose                 Gosling

Horse                   Stallion                Mare                   Foal

Lion                      Lion                      Lioness                 Cub

Rabbit                  Buck                      Doe                   Bunny

Sheep                   Ram                       Ewe                  Lamb

Tiger                    Tiger                     Tigress              Cub