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Ice Cream Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Ice Cream Day

The students will create a map of a fictitious town.


  • Samples of maps which have legends

  • Chart Paper

  • My Town Worksheet (or a large piece of blank paper)



  1. Discuss the different places that are a part of most towns and cities.  Brainstorm with the students a list of these places and write them on the chart paper.  The list may include: police station, fire station, library, school, post office, hospital, grocery store, ice cream store, etc.

  2. Share the maps with the students and discuss what a legend is and what the symbols represent.  Work as a class to create symbols for the places listed on the chart paper.  Write the symbols next to the names.  For example, the library = a book, the post office = a letter, etc.

  3. Pass out the My Town Worksheet or the blank paper.  Instruct the students to make a map of the Main Street of the town.  They may decide how to line the shops and buildings up and down the street.

  4. The map the students draw should include a legend using the symbols decided upon in step 2.  The students may name their town and include any other landmarks they desire.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Read a book about how ice cream is made and how it gets to the store shelves.  

  2. Research dairy farms.



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