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Ice Cream Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Ice Cream Day

The students will write sentences using the correct ending punctuation.




  1. Discuss with the students proper punctuation for sentences.  Each sentence should start with a capital letter and end with either a period, question mark or exclamation point.  Discuss the times when each of the choices is appropriate.

  2. Write the following three sentences on the chalkboard or chart paper: ice cream is cold    do you like ice cream   i scream for ice cream

  3. Have the students assist in correcting the sentences by adding capital letters to the beginnings and the correct punctuation at the endings.  (Explain that the third sentence is meant to be said in a loud, excited voice.)

  4. Pass out the Ice Cream Cutouts, so each student has three individual cones.  Instruct the students to write a period on one cone, a question mark on another cone, and an exclamation point on the third.  Read a variety of sentences to the students.  As each sentence is read, have the students hold up the correct ice cream cone for the punctuation that belongs at the end of that sentence.

  5. Pass out the Ice Cream Punctuation Worksheet and have the students complete it individually or as a whole group, depending on ability.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on antonyms using cold and hot as a starting point.  The students may use the Ice Cream Cutouts and write pairs of antonyms on each cone.

  2. Have the students write a recipe for a new flavor of ice cream.



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