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Ice Cream Day

Movement Lesson
for Ice Cream Day

The students will participate in a balancing game.


  • Ice cream cones - one per student, if available

  • Balls (the size of tennis balls, or smaller), one per student, if available

  • A wide open space



  1. Have the students place a ball on top of their ice cream cone.  (If there are not enough for every student, put them in pairs to share.)  

  2. Instruct the students to do different activities while trying to keep their ball balanced on their cone.  For example, call out different commands, such as "hop on one foot, jump, skip, etc."

  3. If the students are in pairs, have them attempt to pass the ball back and forth without using their hands and rolling it off one cone and onto the other.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students prepare an imaginary ice cream shop using different props around the classroom.  Posters may be made in the Art Lesson advertising their flavors and prices.

  2. Play "Follow the Ice Cream Truck".  Pick one student to be the ice cream truck and the rest of the class should follow the truck wherever it goes (as well as its movements.)  Have the students take turns being the truck.



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