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Frog Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Frog Day

The students will classify groups according to their proximity and locate their origins on a map.




  1. If available, read the book, "A Cache of Jewels" to begin the lesson.  Share with the students that a group of frogs living in the same area is referred to as an "army of frogs", similar to a "herd of sheep" or a "school of fish", or any of the more common phrases they may have heard.  Brainstorm with the students, with the help of the above web sites, any collective terms for animals and record them on the chart paper.
  2. Transition to a discussion of groups of people who live in similar communities having names as well.  For example, Detroiters all live in the city of Detroit (use the name of your school's city).  Expand this task on to the larger surrounding area.  For example, Detroiters, Michiganders all live in Michigan, Americans all live in the United States of America, and earthlings all live on the planet earth.
  3. Pass out the Name Those Groups Worksheet to be completed individually or as a group.  Locate your city, state, and country on a map either as a whole class or individually.  Older students may work this process on people who live in other cities and countries.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Learn about pond habitats and what people need to do to protect them.  The following link has helpful information, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (for kids).
  2. Locate on maps where certain species of frogs live. 


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